Move To Cloud – What is in the Bag

I am starting out with this blog series on Move To Cloud, the posts will not address why an Enterprise should choose to move but rather dive into the Software architecture, platform, patterns and tools needed for a successful cloud implementation. We will discuss the use of the Microsoft Cloud offering to build solutions and services that meet an enterprise’s internal demand, security and governance by utilizing the most of what a “Subscription Based” model has to offer.

So for starters let’s see What is in the Bag. A typical subscription to Office 365; along with the Office Suite (word, excel etc.) will give you the SharePoint and Azure Portals. SharePoint online for all the Enterprise Collaboration and Social needs and Azure services for Enterprise Solutions. In a typical Enterprise Application Development, a team is responsible for delivering and supporting custom or semi-custom solutions for the user base. A well designed Cloud Platform provides an Agile Development, on-time delivery and superior support for the in-house applications thus justifying the ultimate ROI for the stake holders.

Let’s get started.. you may already be Subscribing to Office 365, if not there are 30 Day trials available, a minimum one developer subscription 3 dollars for Office 365 and adding Exchange on-line for 4 dollars, a 7 dollars per month is a DEAL to get started. In a nut shell you will have the following.

Office 365 – SharePoint and Exchange Online and Azure Portals


You will also need Visual Studio – Express and online will work too, may have some limitations. I will be using Visual Studio 2013 Update 3. We will be building a combination of:

  1. SharePoint Apps – SharePoint and Provider hosted, Office 365
  2. WCF REST web services on the Cloud.
  3. Toolkit .NET DLLs
  4. HTML/JavaScript JQuery.
  5. Mobile (iOS and Android)

In the next post(s) we will be diving in into the above topics to build a platform based on Cloud Service offered by Office 365 and Azure for delivering Enterprise Solutions that Securely Run on the Cloud. We will also be touching on the Hybrid approach as we all know that some data or access to data can not just move to the cloud. We will develop simple secure on-premises listener services for accomplishing our goal.

Link to next post (coming soon).


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